Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction In Bloom Fragrance Mist

Rs. 1,499

Bouquet all day. Our top 5 scents bloom with a fresh-picked, floral twist that’s feminine and bright. The perfect way to add a pop of fashion to your fragrance wardrobe.


Choose from:

  • Love Spell In Bloom: Honeysuckle petals. Apricot rose. A Love Spell bouquet.
  • Pure Seduction In Bloom: Violet twist. Pink guava. A Pure Seduction bouquet.
  • Amber Romance In Bloom: Soft jasmine. Creamy musk. An Amber Romance bouquet.
  • Velvet Petals In Bloom: Peony garden. Lychee blush. A Velvet Petals bouquet.
  • Bare Vanilla In Bloom: Vanilla orchid. Golden amber. A Bare Vanilla bouquet.


  • 250 ml/8.4 fl. oz.
  • Domestic

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